fuzzy_psycho's Journal

20 December 1978
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Who is Fuzzy Psycho?

Quick answer:
He is a very stupid, obnoxious, psychotic, and utterly adorable cat owned by yours truly -->

Long Answer:
Fuzzy Psycho is the current alias of a 20-something female living in East-Central Minnesota. She has also been known as Chiaroscuro and Chiaro. She used to be very active in Pro Wrestling fic, but lost intrest when WCW went under. She used to write, but realised she did not have the patience to do her plotbunnies justice. She loves to make graphics. She is currently a very not-disgruntled government employee - except for the whole having to drive 40 miles each way to the airport five-six times a week thing. She has the attention span of a three year old on a sugar high.

My graphics can be found at the Graphics Annex. My professional portfolio is at LMCpages.com. I also run mariachi_icons, an El Mariachi icon community.
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Puss in Boots is warm, fuzzy love

Captain Jack Sparrow is love that's been out in the sun too long

That sweet smile is love

Gonzo Love

Faramir is Love

Daisy Love